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iNcredi Pos has the Best Finance option and Solution for Your Business.


We specialize in Retail and Hospitality Point of Sale systems. We sell the software, implement the solution, install the system and most importantly provide exceptional support. We have years of experience in Retail and Hospitality.We pride ourselves to be the best provider for Point of Sale solutions for your business.We focus on your business because time is money. A fast and effective system has a massive impact on you business.

  • Best support in the industry
  • Fastest growing POS Company in Australia
  • The most easy adjustable software
  • Fastest software saving you time and money
  • Software interface making training easier
  • Best development team meaning more features
  • Reporting on your demand
  • High quality hardware and software

What are the Key Benefits of a Point of Sale System?

iNcredi Pos Solutions improve the customer Experience and Provides efficiency with the benefits of:

  • SpeedProcess transactions faster for shorter lines, Happier customers and more sales.
  • Customer RetentionTrack customer information to better provide services like a Loyalty program to keep them coming back.
  • Accuracy Ensure the correct price very time using scanning. Reduce shrinkage and costs by tracking each sale and having clear inventory data.
  • Visibility Adjust stock levels to improve profit margins and drive efficiency by having exact data on what and when your customers are buying.
  • ComplianceQuickly verify ID (e.g. alcohol or tobacco purchases) using imaging technology that can also snap a photo if necessary. What is Point of Sale?As technology improves each year, it’s no surprise that Retail Point of Sale Systems have quickly become the new benchmark in all forms of retail–from big box retailers to trendy boutique shops. The features found in electronic Cash registers of the past pale in comparison to the advanced features available today. Regardless of their size, Retailers and the Hospitality industry will see an immediate return on their investment when they implement the right POS Solution.


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