Fruit & Vegetables

Fruits And Vegetables-21278402093fruitgroenten1grootbigstock-Heart-of-fruits-and-vegetables-184383741Fruit & Veg






  Approved by NMI For use with Intergrated Scales
( NMI = National Measuring Instatute )

• Used By Delis, Fruit And Veg, Health Food Stores
• Barcode scanning, Multiple Barcodes Per Product
• Large LCD Customer Display
• Integrated Scale
• Graphical logo on the receipts.
• Label printing
• Price Embedded Barcodes
• In-house Barcodes
• Supports In-house Weigh Labelled Products (No Need For Separate Weigh Labeller)
• Integrated Eftpos
• Stock control
• Accounts

• Frequent Shoppers, Customer Loyalty Rewards
• Club Members
• Special Offers to Database Customers Only
• Products on Special Automatically with Start and End Dates
• Product Packages Automatically Detected
• Electronic Journal Records all transactions
• over 70 Extensive reports E.g Daily Sales, Periodic Sales, Sales By Staff, Product Sales, Laybys
• Automatic E-mail Of Reports
• Full Security
• Staff Clock On/Off
• Remote Access From Home

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