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iNcredi Pos “To be a leading Advisor in POS Solutions – Delivering quality, Innovative, and Client focused Solutions to the Hospitality industry.”

iNcredi Pos is a Company committed to Growth by exceeding the expectations of our Clients, associates, guests and partners. Our mission is to deliver innovative POS Solutions and Services for the Hospitality industry, which will support the overall performance and sustainable growth of the Hospitality industry. iNcredi Pos is an innovative and progressive organisation with a clear and focused Vision for the Future within the Hospitality industry. The Team is committed to working in partnership with clients to provide POS Solutions and Services which assist clients to Achieve their Business objectives. iNcredi Pos works collaboratively with clients to provide Tailor-made Solutions which address specific strategic and commercial Business needs through the application of its Solutions and Services. We involve our client’s right from the outset in the Consultation, Planning and Delivery of agreed POS Solutions and Services, to ensure the strategic objectives are met and measurable outcomes achieved. Our extensive experience in the Hospitality industry provides clients with unmatched capabilities and track record in sustainability of Return on investment.

iNcredi Pos is committed to bridging the gap between talent and opportunity in the Hospitality industry, and to conducting its Business with the Highest standards of Professionalism and integrity.

iNcredi Pos Mobile Application is now Available

iNcredi Pos develop the application to work with any Internet connected device including your Phone, Tablet, iPad, Laptop and Desktop Pc.

Enhanced and Manage your Business grow with iNcredi Pos Mobile Application.

With this Great App you can:

  • Look at Live Sales
  • View Live Reports
  • Change Prices
  • Do a Stock Take
  • Revenue to Date

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