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Built In: Customer Loyalty, Membership, Rewards, Offers, Specials, Vip Discounts, Happy Hour, Vouchers, Customer Marketing, SMS/E-mail, Integrated Web Store, Owner SMS/E-mail Alerts!


 You can earned Points when you purchase any Beverage and use it to pay.

Our POS Software is an affordable, Full-Featured Solution that is ideal for every kind of drinking establishment, from a Small upstart Bar to the finest Night Clubs. We work with you to design the most efficient and economical Point of Sale Solution for your exact needs. We specialize in the Bar industries, so all of our Bar POS systems are specifically designed to fit your need. Every detail of the Bar Point of Sale system has been tested to run at the optimal performance needed for your demanding environment. When you hire a new employee for your Bar, you need them effectively using your POS system as quickly as possible. We designed the software interface for simple, intuitive actions that any user can master the system in a matter of minutes and feel comfortable.

OUR DESIGN: Ultimate simplicity. Transactions are always made with minimal keystrokes and maximum speed. Powerful customer management tools are available along with real-time reports and seamless data transfer to offsite computers.

No matter what kind of drinking establishment you run, it is designed to fit with your accounting system and start working for you and your employees right away!

OUR GOAL: Increase your bottom line while making your Bar easier to manage than you ever thought possible

We carry a full line of Bar management products to help you maximize your Retail profits and deter employee theft. Don’t let profits slip through your hands and into your employee’s pockets. Our Bar POS software is designed for the Bar industry by people in the industry. Implementing a Bar POS system, Bar Point of Sale software and Bar inventory control software will streamline your Business & Grow Profits.

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