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Delivery with Drivers & Pickup Solution.

Caller Id Provides details of who is calling and the address of the Customer with the history of Sales.

  • Phone orders for Pickup and Delivery are built in to the point of sale, as standard. (with Google Maps)
  • Fast and easy to use.
  • Easily re-print an order or print the bill.
  • Delivery fees by Post Code, Suburb or Customer.
  • SMS/E-mail Order Confirmation and estimated delivery time.
  • Order Ready Screen is great for your customers that arrive to collect their order, when they arrive on the screen is the
    customers name and status of their order and how long until its ready.
  • Extras will automatically charge the correct price based on pizza size.
  • Go back to any part of the order and easily add or remove products without having to start again,
  • Eg 1/2 & 1/2 Pizza, you can go back and adjust the size or the toppings No Need to Delete and start again!
  • Warn the staff of the minimum deliver charge with options.
  • Staff can clearly see the delivery address at all times.
  • Staff delivery details confirmation option.
  • 25 different offer type templates individually configured So It Can Detect Offers Automatically within the sale.
    For Example : Buy One Get One Free., Choose The Most Expensive Half Of The pizza,  2 large Garlic Bread And Drink
    for $ Day of the week Special.
  • Automatic kitchen recipe/messages e.g. how to make a pizza with a list of all the toppings.
  • A Point of Sale Terminal can be an order station, blocking you from being able to pay the orders off at that terminal.
  • STOP!  Before you Buy another POS System, Ask them this.
    Can they do the following. ???

  • Automatically change the price of any extras when you change the size of the pizza without having to start the order
    again! Yes this will also work on ½ pizzas etc.
  • Easily add or remove toppings and they will be charged the correct price based on the pizza size!

      Eliminating the staff accidentally charging for the wrong price of toppings.

  • Easily change any sale type to any sale type (e.g. Pickup sale to delivery sale) at any time.
    (with automatic price adjustments, if necessary, based on the sale type and offers available)
  • Automatically Detects offers/special deals!
    No need to ask customer if the order is part of a deal. No Need for separate special /deal menus cluttering up your screen

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