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 iNcredi POS solution gives you all the features you need to provide fast and efficient service to your customers.

iNcredi Pos understands the dynamic nature of the Restaurant industry and aims to make management of your business easier by providing simple and easy POS solution.We realize that when you hire a new employee, you need them to begin using your POS system correctly and as soon as possible. You just don’t want to waste too much productivity by training them in the software. Your Restaurant depend on getting employees up to speed immediately, which is why the iNcredi POS solution interface is designed for simple, intuitive actions that any user can master right away. New hires will be perfectly comfortable using the Point of Sale in a matter of minutes.

Fast and Easy to use Pos System

  • See multiple floor plans and Rooms of your Restaurant.
  • Booking and reserve a Table.
  • Name the Rooms and Tables to what you want them to be called.
  • Lay the Tables out just like they are within the Room!
  • Dynamic Tables which are the same shape as the Tables in your Restaurant and the same number of chairs.
  • Tables are clearly marked if they are Vacant, Occupied, held from printing orders, have had their bills printed, need cleaning, in use by another member of staff.
  • Easily re-print an order or print the bill.
  • Easily split the bill as many times as desired.
  • See the Table’s information on the screen about the order, what was ordered, and when/who put in the order.
  • Easily transfer a complete table order or part of the order to another Table.
  • Merge tables together.
  • Covers allow you to enter in the Number of Covers (People on the Table).
  • Change any sale type to any sale type (e.g. Table sale to Delivery sale) at any time (with automatic price adjustments, if necessary, based on the sale type and offers available). This is helpful when you are unclear at the start of the sale as to the customer actually wants.
  • Phone orders for Pickup and Delivery are built in to the Point of Sale, as standard. (with Google Maps)
  • Delivery fees by Post Code, Suburb or Customer
  • Caller Id for Phone orders and deliveries.
  • Order Ready Screen for pick up orders
  • Kitchen Video System (Instead of Printers)
  • See today’s specials from the log-on display, and a scrolling message for the staff to see.
  • Easily search for a product by any part of the products name, or search by bar code.
  • Popup messages relating to the selected product on the sale screen.
  • Automatic kitchen recipe/messages e.g. how to make a Cocktail or a Pizza with a list of all the toppings
  • Different menus by sale type, for example, Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner menus, or Dine in / Take away.
  • Different menu by employees, allowing you to set up the system and block menus that may have Alcohol on them, or if a staff member likes the menus laid out differently to the other staff.
  • Product qty countdown on selected products, with the qty remaining indicated on the product button on the screen.
  • Generate in-house Vouchers with unique Ids that can be purchased as Gifts, and then Redeemed once-only in-store.
  • Different price levels for functions or events.

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