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 Some Retail Features

 A Point of Sale system includes everything you’ll need to get started with Retail POS system in your business. Depending on your needs and the type of business you have, we have systems specifically designed for Retail and iPad based applications. Each system is made to provide the most efficient and productive Retail POS experience for you and your customers. iNcredi Pos, the next generation of Retail solutions, includes advanced POS technology to help retailers create a seamless, customer-centric shopping experience, out service the competition and reach business goals. iNcredi Pos solutions makes possible more-efficient transactions with touchscreen POS tools, customer-facing displays and electronic signature capture that shortens checkout time.

 Lay-By Features

  • Easily put goods on lay-by.
  • Modify a lay-by without having to pay it all off.
  • Easily recall lay-by’s by name, number, address, lay-by Id or simply scan the bar code on the customers lay-by receipt.
  • Keep track of customer purchase history.
  • Customer and store receipts with full payment history.
  • Over 16 Reports just for Lay-by’s / Accounts including outstanding lay-by reports.
  • E-mail and SMS customers when lay-by payments are due.
  • Put products on hold for customers.
  • Create and recall quotes for customers.
  • Management control, adjust any lay-by’s deposit amount and day’s E.G. 90 days – 100 days-20 days, payment reversals,view all outstanding lay-by’s.
  • Lay-by’s can be seen and payments made from any store if you have multiple stores.
  • E-mail and SMS customers when goods have arrived back in stock or are ready for collection after modification or repair etc.
  • Scan receipt and the software will find the sale and do a full or part refund, a refund can also become in store credit easily.
  • Issue in store Vouchers, Discounts, Promotional Vouchers.
  • Automatically runs your specials.
  • Runs special offers and deals only available to Loyalty customers.
  • VIP Shoppers.
  • In house Barcode / Shelf talker label Printing.
  • Barcode  Scanning (in house or external)
  • On Screen product images and details (qty, price and description)

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